Super Mom: Gouais Blanc Pack


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Happy Mother’s Day! We all know that moms deserve recognition and respect, but there’s a certain very important grape variety that most wine lovers have never heard of. Fewer than 50 acres, in fact, are currently grown worldwide, and yet said variety can, through cross-pollinations, count many of the wine world’s most famous grapes among its children.
Yes, Gouais Blanc is a SUPER MOM. Chardonnay, Riesling, Gamay, and dozens of other essential vine varieties are indeed its children.

Celebrating Mother’s Day, this set features six sensational siblings, each an offspring the prodigious variety, including the three aforementioned superstars as well as examples of Blaufränkisch, Melon de Bourgogne (Muscadet), and Auxerrois.

And, wouldn’t you know it, two of these selections are bubbly – perfect for a Mother’s Day brunch!

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