Spumante Tramonto Rosé


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Tenuta degli Ultimi, Spumante Tramonto Rosé, Veneto, Italy NV
{organic} 100% Wildbacher

Blauer Wildbacher is grown almost exclusively in (and presumed native to) Austria’s Styria, where it’s utilized in the production of tart, pale, hyper-refreshing rosé. Beautifully and a bit confusingly, ten hectares of the elusive relative of Blaufränkisch and Chardonnay manage to exist in Italy. Prosecco maestro, Ultimi, crafts this simultaneously rich and refreshing rendition with a few months of aging on the lees to yield a delightfully creamy foil to the pervasive sharp red fruit.
Serving Suggestions: Enjoy surrounded by lush, green vegetation – possibly in the mountains. Beet risotto w/ goat cheese, spinach, & juniper berries. Prosciutto & fresh figs.

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