Vinho Verde Tinto


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Socalos do Bouro, Vinho Verte Tinto, Vinho Verde, Portugal 2019
Vinhão (Souzão)

The Vinho Verde district is internationally beloved for fresh whites, but the locals love their inky reds… so much so that they are rarely exported. These wines are so dark that they’re traditionally served not in glassware but in white ceramic bowls, to highlight this color. Don’t let your eyes deceive you though, this opaque red is far from heavy. Victor Goncalves selects this reserve bottling from his best Vinhao vines in his tiny, 5ha hillside vineyard in verdant northern Portugal.
Serving suggestion: Victor served this w/ a home-cured leg of wild boar his brother-in-law hunted. Otherwise, a nice charcuterie board w/ sharp cheeses, serrano ham & spicy lomo will suffice.

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