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Frascati Superiore Abelos


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De Sanctis, Frascati Superiore Abelos, Lazio, Italy 2022
Malvasia Puntinata, Bombino Bianco

You’d be forgiven for associating Frascati with refreshing, pleasant-enough quaff, but the picturesque region’s Malvasia del Lazio (no relation to the many other Malvazias hither and yon – an offspring, in fact, of Schiava & Muscat of Alexandria) is sumptuous and captivating when allowed to shine. While completely dry, this example brims with exotic golden fruit, flowers, honey, and an oddly specific reminiscence of white chocolate & macadamia.
Serving Suggestions: Scallops in cream sauce w/ garlic, spinach, & tomatoes. Unagi. Radicchio-pecorino salad w/ sultanas & walnuts.

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