Semi-Sparkling Orange Wine “Paleokerisio” [500 ml]


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Domaine Glinavos, Semi-Sparkling Orange Wine "Paleokerisio" [500 ml], Ioannina, Greece 2022
Predominately Debina with a small amount of Vlahiko

Gather ’round, Greek geeks! This is a traditional semi-sparkling, semi-dry orange wine from Zitsa. Temperate climate and high altitude (up to 4,000 feet) help preserve acidity in the native Debina grape. Aromas of sweet dried apricots, apple, baking spice, and a sherry-like oxidative quality usher in the light bubbles and acidity that cleanse the palate. Lower in alcohol, it’s light and refreshing, a great start (or end) to any meal.
Serving Suggestions: Liver pâté w/ crusty bread & plenty of olives. Feta w/ honey & fresh thyme. Ricotta cheesecake w/ caramelized peach puree. Chirazushi w/ wasabi, pickled ginger, & soy sauce.

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