Ribolla Gialla


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Ferlat, Ribolla Gialla, Venezia Giulia Friuli, Italy 2022
{organic} Ribolla Gialla

Ribolla Gialla seems content to remain in the shadows of more famous grapes – even in Italy’s far northeast, where it is one of the few signature varieties to actually be indigenous. Fortunately, passionate producers are making sure that it gets at least a bit of the attention it deserves. Lively, lush, and impressively versatile, this example satisfies the cravings of the initiated while providing a fantastic introduction to those unfamiliar.
Serving Suggestions: Trout w/ lemon-caper butter & polenta. Vietnamese grilled pork & shrimp vermicelli. Artichoke salad w/ sun-dried tomatoes, pine nuts, & parmesan.

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