Whole Bean Coffee “Perennial” Limited Release blend [12 oz bag]


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Whole Bean Coffee "Hologram" [12oz bag, whole bean]
Blended and roasted by Counter Culture Coffee, Durham, NC


Roast: Medium-Light
Process: Washed
Blend: 60% La Golondrina, Colombia / 40% Mpemba, Burundi – Dark Roast
Certifications: Kosher

Under the right care, a coffee tree can thrive and produce for decades. Inspired by this longevity, Counter Culture fosters business practices to bring you excellent coffee year after year. Our relationship-driven approach to sourcing, annual Transparency Reports, and year-round giving programs reflect our deep-rooted commitment to sustainability. This blend combines light- and dark-roast coffees to create a full-bodied cup with notes of fig and cocoa nibs.
We’re contributing $1 per pound of Perennial sold to fund sustainability initiatives in cafes. This support comes from our brand-new giving program: Bloom. Have a sustainability project in mind for your business? Apply here!


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