Small Scallops in Seafood Sauce “Volanderias” [2.8 oz]


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Bou de Vara, Small Scallops in Seafood Sauce "Volanderias" [2.8 oz], Galicia, Spain

During the last few months of the year, when catching is permitted, the Bou de Vara flora comes to port with, among others, its star product: the “Volandeira”. This is a bivalve mollusk from the same family as scallops, but with a more rounded shell and an orangey tone.
Like other bivalves, it is a filter-feeding species that feeds on phytoplankton. It is rich in vitamins A and B, low in fat and high in protein and minerals such as calcium, iodine and phosphorus.
They are packaged in a traditional way, piece by piece, by expert hands. The journey from the sea to the tin takes a matter of hours in order to preserve all their qualities with maximum freshness.  The Bou de Vara “Volandeira” is prepared in a traditional seafood sauce, made from onion, tomato, bay leaf and extra virgin olive oil. It is a product to be enjoyed by all the senses, fully appreciating it from the moment you open the tin to the full taste and texture experience on the palate. It is a gastronomic delicacy which pairs perfectly with aged dry white wines.


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