Sardines in Olive Oil “Xoubiñas” [2.9 oz]


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Bou de Vara, Sardines in Olive Oil "Xoubiñas" [2.9 oz], Galicia, Spain

“Xeito” refers to drift gill-net fishing which has a long tradition in the town of Rianxo (Ría de Arousa, ES). It is respectful and sustainable in that it is selective, non-intensive and without fish discards. Our crews are made up of sailors from the local area who have dedicated their lives to the sea. The catches of fish are sold at the Rianxo Fish Market and are fully-guaranteed under the “Pesca de Rías” certification.
Our sardines are caught in the month of July, when their culinary characteristics are at their best. Our sailors go out “á lusada”, returning to land at first light, when the fish is at its best for preparation. The fishes are carefully removed, one by one, from the nets, thus preserving the scales and the meat intact, without stacking them up and therefore avoiding crushing and they are naturally chilled, avoiding direct contact with ice.
We use traditional ways of packaging the fish, one by one, by expert hands. The fish go from the sea to the tin in about four hours in order to preserve all its qualities with maximum freshness. The best ingredients are used, such as extra virgin olive oil in its maximum proportion. The product is to be enjoyed by all the senses, fully appreciating the product from the first sight of it on opening the tin, right through to the full taste and texture experience on the palate.


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