Mussels in Escabeche (pickled sauce) “Mexillóns” [2.5 oz]


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Bou de Vara, Mussels in Escabeche (Pickled Sauce) "Mexillóns" [2.5 oz], Galicia, Spain

The BOU DE VARA mussel is cultivated in the best areas of the Galician Low Estuaries (ES), where the first mussel beds were established in the middle of the 20th Century.
When the temperature of the cold-water Atlantic sea currents (which are dense and therefore deeper) starts to rise as they approach the Galician coastline, a phenomenon known as “upwelling” occurs. The warming causes a decrease in the density of the mussels and as they begin to rise, they drag with them the nutrients from the seabed.
Inside the network of rafts, those located in the outermost areas are where the mussels have access to the largest and best phytoplankton deposits. It is from these rafts where our mussels are extracted, unbeatable in size and organoleptic qualities (colour, flavour and texture).
They are packaged in a traditional way, piece by piece, by expert hands. The journey from the sea to the tin takes a matter of hours in order to preserve all their qualities with maximum freshness. The best ingredients are used in their preparation, with a unique marinade, to be enjoyed by all the senses, fully appreciating the product from the moment you open the tin to the full taste and texture experience on the palate.


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